A training manual eBook for in-depth, whole-body movement

Created by Dianne Woodruff, Certified Movement Analyst and PhD, internationally recognized instructor and trainer and creator of 3-D Workout™ fitness series.

For the first time, a training manual for Bartenieff Fundamentals of Movement. An in-depth approach to whole-body movement training – effective, safe, subtle. Learn to move from within where you tune up your fascia to be the best you can be, and move as a living system from the inside out. Learn what movement to practice for a sustainable body.

Bartenieff Fundamentals of Movement (BF) are fluid, non-ballistic sequences of whole-body patterns. Done lying on the floor, novice movers are relieved of worries about falling or poor coordination. In training programs and classes, the sequences progress through many variations of weight shift and level change preparing us to meet the challenges of life on two feet. If you are accustomed to conventional fitness training, yoga, or Pilates, you will soon see that BF has other goals and rewards. More than joint articulations or held positions, it builds orderly linkages that optimize the body’s deep architecture.

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The Streaming Library contains videos designed to complement the Moving from Within manual by giving moving form to words

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Sample video from the Streaming Video Library

Moving from Within—making the video

This video provides a visual source for the movement described in Moving from Within: introducing Bartenieff Fundamentals of Movement (BF). The video embodies the timing and phrasing of each sequence as a whole-body event. It enriches the manual rather than reproducing it in another form.

An instruction video for BF is very different from that for conventional fitness. BF is three-dimensional, omni-directional, subtle and complex in every way. Each sequence builds toward a whole-body, prototypic pattern of movement that underlies everything we do.

I have made many videos often with a professional crew and other times with amateur crews. Both contribute in their own ways to the making of a body movement teaching tool. Most professionals know video but not movement. They want to shoot a variety of angles and feel that watching a whole sequence unfold is boring. For BF, simple and complete in one shot is best for teaching and learning.

For Moving from Within I chose a crew of three, each experienced with the movement and its intention. A fourth, unwitting crew member, is Sue Carduelis who during a break in COVID restrictions made pre-video so I could rehearse and correct my demonstration. When COVID restrictions allowed we began what became two days of shooting.

That crew, Ann Rose (camera), Gloria Megarry (direction), and Michael Gatbonton (editing), are all professional 3-D Workout instructors. Their job was to produce an instruction video that captured key ingredients in BF. They must have eyes for the whole as well as the detail such as breathing and initiation of movement. They create a cooperative working environment–a functional and creative atmosphere that engages with the movement material. Their movement intelligence means we can discuss the objective and get the best result.

Key elements for optimal viewing and learning:

  • Knowing what’s important to be shown/seen
  • Capturing the whole sequence and its objectives in the best way
  • Framing the shot to capture the body moving in space–dimensionality
  • Finding the best angle from which to capture subtle elements
  • Suggesting sufficient number of repeats and speed for the rhythm and phrasing
  • Sufficient time for the viewer to see
  • Providing for clear start/stop timing for post-production editing

Finally, the video is a mirror for me to adjust and refine my performance and to respect the objective of the sequence. We bring patience to the process to re-think and re-shoot for the best result.