Volume I: The Basics

Why is it called 3-D Workout?

It’s a physical fitness program which utilizes the space around the body in a special way — the three dimensions of your environment. I put all the dimensions of space to work in my unique exercise program, 3-D Workout. Since we move in three-dimensions every day of our lives, we should have an exercise program that supports that type of movement. Most of the exercises at the gym are done in one dimension at a time. Some use almost no space behind the body and many are done while sitting. 3-D Workout is designed to use all the dimensions. In a short program, you get the basis for every movement in your daily life.

My 3-D Workout exercises move in all the space around the body, upward-downward, side to side, forward-backward. They also teach you the most important part of standing and moving on two feet: weight shift (from one foot to another) and level change (going up and down). They also tune-up your torso and limbs to move together in coordination so that you can cope with the demands of life. Some of these are walking, getting in and out of a car or other chair, making a bed, climbing stairs, carrying things and reaching for things. All sports performed on two feet use weight shift and level change, patterns, and multi-dimensions. We move our bodies in three dimensions in everything we do. Why not train for that kind of movement?

I was taking the escalator and somehow I slipped, dropping my purse and my carry-all, but I didn't fall, my balance was good! I was able to recover quickly, that’s from 3-D Workout.