Complete 3-D Workout Three-DVD Bundle


Purchase the complete 3-D Workout series on DVD in one bundle of three DVDs. This includes Volume I: The Basics, Volume II: Building on the Basics, and Volume III: The Chair Edition, for one low price!

3-D Workout: Volumes I and II are designed to be used in sequence. Give yourself a foundation of coordination and alignment, strength and flexibility with Volume I. Add to the challenge with additional and more complex combinations in Volume II for functional, feel-good fitness. The printed insert shows you how to combine Volumes I and II for varied and challenging workouts!

3-D Workout: The Chair Edition accommodates clients with injuries or those who have difficulty moving from the floor to standing positions (and vice versa). Travellers or office workers with little space or time to spare need only a picnic bench or a sturdy chair to get a lively and varied three-dimensional workout. The exercises are suitable for all ages, young and old, individuals in rehab or anyone with daily aches and pains.