Choose from classes, private sessions, instructor training, DVDs and digital downloads

Classes and private sessions

Many enjoy the group benefits of taking a regular class. Students learn what they can do at home for the pure joy of moving well and having a responsive body. They report sleeping better and rarely feeling stiff or sore. 3-D Workout makes everything work better and crosses over to other fitness endeavours such as aquafit, yoga, and sport activities.


When recovering from an injury or surgery I recommend private sessions so that you have the full attention of an instructor and the time to focus on your needs. Human movement is very complex and everyone learns differently, so I like to take the time to see what’s best for the client with special needs. Find an instructor near you on our Community page.

Train to teach

Study 3-D Workout™ in depth by taking Certified Instructor Training. This 50-hour course in a small group setting is a wonderful way to delve into the amazing world of body movement and fitness. Enhance your own personal growth while you learn to teach others. And even if you don’t teach, you will learn a life-long method of keeping yourself well and on your feet. Many certified instructors re-take the training as a refresher course to get back into teaching after a period away. Or they want to add a refinement to their understanding. Read more about instructor training.


The Body-in-Motion production of DVDs, downloads and YouTube videos make 3-D Workout a totally portable experience. All my video efforts are designed for the viewer to learn about the body and about the movement but there’s only so much one can say in a video. Visit the SHOP to purchase and check out my teaching notes for the series Six Variations on Conventional Exercises to look more deeply into this series. Visit my YouTube channel: 3-D Workout™.

And more

3-D Workout™ is backed up by my 40 years of teaching and my own personal growth. There is always more to discover and experience. I regularly create new material, and present at conferences. I also enjoy occasional teaching when invited by an instructor to visit his or her classes or by a group to give a workshop. Contact us at for these opportunities.