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A series of Arm Circle videos called Moving in Three Dimensions to introduce the planes of movement and the idea that space, rather than isolated muscle work, is the motivation for fitness design. This idea is at the heart of 3-D Workout and its functionality because when you move well in all the planes, you use all the functions of your joints. The videos are designed as teaching tools so you can practice with me in real time. Helping you learn to exercise in the space around your body.

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Sagittal plane
This video shows an arm circle in the plane that moves like a wheel at the side of the body. Leading with your hand, it travels forward, upward, backward, downward. As you move gently through this space, rotating your hand (and by extension, your shoulder) you will also shift your weight forward and backward.
Horizontal plane
Helping you learn to exercise in the space around your body. In Moving in Three Dimensions, part 2, you will mobilize the shoulder, spine and hip joints with a sweeping, horizontal movement that develops into an elegant spiralling lunge. In 3-D Workout, this movement is called Mid-line Cross.
Vertical plane
Another whole-body exercise using the space around your body to improve function. When you move in the vertical plane, you mobilize the shoulder and hip joints with a big arm circle that travels in front of the body, overhead and out to the sides as the weight shifts into a sideward lunge.
Triple Arm Circle
Now you can put all three arm circles together in one whole-body combination. Challenge yourself to continuously move from one plane to another, shifting your weight fully to expand your range of motion and reach space. This mindful, harmonious sequence feels good because you extend your arms into all the space around the body as well as using your balance and strength.