Did you know you can make your yoga practice even better and more satisfying?

The richness of the yoga experience can be deepened by learning more about your body from 3-D Workout™.

3-D Workout is useful because it contains all the fundamental patterns for bipedal support and movement you will ever need. When you walk into a yoga class, we assume you are moving well on two feet but that is seldom the case. Fortunately, much of yoga is done lying or sitting on the floor but when you have to stand and balance on one or two feet the problems begin. Balance and stability, good posture and alignment is the purpose of the 3-D Workout.

Mechanics of how 3-D Workout supplements Yoga

3-D Workout exercises are connectors, mobilizers and patterns that everyone needs for successful performance and a long, active life. Whatever style of yoga you may prefer, by learning 3-D Workout you will think about it differently. 3-D teaches you how to focus on the initiation of your movement, the body parts moving in coordination, and the four ways to support your movement—body, breath, space, surface. You will learn to clarify the intention of the movement, its process and its goal. By knowing how to direct and think about the movement, you clarify and crystallize the asana. And we know that what you think about happens.

For example, the forward bend asana (Paschimottasana) is a classic pose designed to lengthen the posterior muscle chain. However in order to smoothly flex the spine through its individual vertebrae, the lumbar area needs a special stretching technique. 3-D Workout provides that stretch (unique in the fitness world) that mobilizes the lumbar spine. With a flexible lumbar spine, rolling up to or down from the forward bend is a smooth, uninterrupted transition.

The “stork” sequences in which you must stand and balance on one leg require finely tuned and very strong gluteal muscles of the lateral hip. 3-D Workout teaches you how to activate these muscles, keep the pelvis level and support the movement through the upper body. Without this training you must rely upon your visual sense of the vertical and body tension. 3-D Workout provides additional skills such as spatial awareness, the right muscle activation and grounding.

So tune up your yoga practice by learning 3-D Workout: available in classes and DVDs.