3-D Workout as Therapy

Do you have an old injury that nags you, that you constantly work around? Or did you have to quit the sport you once enjoyed? Did you lose your athletic scholarship or your place on your community team? Maybe you failed your functional fitness test for work or for the military? Perhaps you chalk up your movement problems to aging?

Suppose you want to change this situation. Going to therapy is an option but perhaps you’ve been down that road and you’re still wanting a better quality of life. You could try a different therapist or you could try 3-D Workout.

A student comments: “I experienced lower back and hip pain and was starting to walk with a slight limp. I was feeling very old. My chiropractor told me to do nothing in between appointments. I did some research and decided to try 3-D Workout. Within a month of starting a once-a-week 3-D Workout class, I was noticing pain free moments and was becoming more active” (DS, 45, female).

How 3-D works as therapy. 3-D balances your body. It does this not by treating the symptom but by taking you back to the way you were designed to move — to your basic body patterns. Patterns get thrown off by life’s habits, by neglect, by avoiding the use of your body due to pain or restriction in the fascia. These patterns can be restored.

A balanced body. You got your injury by not being balanced. To regain that balance you need not isolated muscle work, but whole-body exercise. 3-D’s whole body exercise works by taking the stress and strain out of the injury so it can heal; so it can find its way to normal, the way the body wants to be. Moving gradually, mindfully — noticing the sensations as they change, takes you back to the true core — the balance, the symmetry, the ease of movement that is your birthright.

Improved patterns. It’s not that complicated to get your body movement in shape. Compared to dieting for weight loss, 3-D is a cinch. In dieting you have to monitor every morsel you put in your mouth for a lifetime. Doing 3-D Workout 15 – 30 minutes every other day restores and maintains your essential body patterns. The movement will get better every time you practice. You will enjoy the result; the process is simple and pleasant. You will look forward to it and want to do more. The results will show up in every daily activity and sport you do. You can re-claim your active life.

A new experience. These essential patterns are missing from conventional fitness training so they may be unfamiliar to you. Don’t let that scare you off. There are many kinds of strength. Learn to value what works, not just what shows. So stop forcing and straining; start connecting with your essential, natural patterns. That’s really what being “in shape” means. It’s not just how you look, it’s how you move.