BiM Streaming Library

3-D Workout Vol. I: The Basics
4 videos
3-D Workout is a fitness program that carries over into daily life and sport in every way. It does this by restoring basic movement patterns that get thrown off by injury and overuse. Good patterns support every system and process in your body, and these patterns can be relearned with whole-body movement in your kinesphere -- the lively space around the body where all movement occurs. 3-D Workout balances your body, makes it stronger and more efficient -- the way the body wants to be. Your body is a habitat, not a battlefield (Dr N. Galloway). Use 3-D Workout to nurture that habitat and discover a whole new moving you.

3-D Workout Vol. II: Building on the Basics
7 videos
The two levels of 3-D Workout sequences complement each other and should be used in alternation or in combination. The 3-D Stretching sequences contribute to enhanced range of motion and over-all flexibility. 3-D Resistance Training builds on the mover's weight shift and level change skills to support additional strength and coordination of whole-body movement. With 3-D Workout practice you activate and mobilize the fascial matrix for elasticity and resilience while moving through the kinesphere on two feet, striving to shift weight and change levels effortlessly and efficiently. Support from the lower body, frees the upper body for its full range of movement and access to space.

3-D Workout Vol. III: The Chair Edition
18 videos
The Chair Edition accommodates clients with injuries or those who have difficulty moving from the floor to standing positions (and vice versa). Travelers or office workers with little space or time to spare need only a picnic bench or a sturdy chair to get a lively and varied three-dimensional workout. The exercises are suitable for all ages, young and old, individuals in rehab or anyone with daily aches and pains. The program offers warm-up, strengthening and stretching with unique exercises that move in the space around the body. Clients report a pleasant, whole-body feeling, of being worked but not wasted, of feeling energized and confident.

Moving from Within
24 videos
These videos are designed to complement the manual by giving moving form to words. Bartenieff Fundamentals of Movement (BF) are fluid, non-ballistic sequences of whole-body patterns. Done lying on the floor, novice movers are relieved of worries about falling or poor coordination. In training programs and classes, the sequences progress through many variations of weight shift and level change preparing us to meet the challenges of life on two feet. If you are accustomed to conventional fitness training, yoga, or pilates, you will soon see that BF has other goals and rewards. More than joint articulations or held positions, it builds orderly linkages that optimize the body’s deep architecture.

Moving in Three Dimensions
4 videos
A series of Arm Circle videos called Moving in Three Dimensions to introduce the planes of movement and the idea that space, rather than isolated muscle work, is the motivation for fitness design. This idea is at the heart of 3-D Workout and its functionality because when you move well in all the planes, you use all the functions of your joints. The videos are designed as teaching tools so you can practice with me in real time. Helping you learn to exercise in the space around your body.

Variations on Six Conventional Exercises
6 videos
For this video series, Variations on Six Conventional Exercises, I adapted familiar exercises to freshen your workout program. Watch how the variations take you into a new approach to using your whole body in the surrounding space.