Creating 3-D Workout™: The Chair Edition

The Chair Edition is a Team Project
3-D Workout™: The Chair Edition, Body-in-Motion’s newest product, is now available on the website for purchase as a DVD or download. The vision for The Chair Edition: transform the whole-body exercise of  the original 3-D Workout into a more accessible and accommodating version for anyone with limited space or function.

As always these projects are the result of teamwork for which I am grateful. Michael Gatbonton and I planned the script and direction together. Michael filmed and edited the footage, assisted by Jillian Finlayson. Students in my Oakville class tried out the sequences as they were developed and also appear in the DVD as exercise models and testimonial speakers. I demonstrate all of the material; the music is by Andrea Carri. Paul Nadrajog at Video Media Replication Services in Toronto provided postproduction, authoring and replication. Michael and I prepared the trailer used on the home page.

summer2014_13-D Workout™: The Chair Edition includes a 38-minute instructional segment that walks the client through sequence execution, use of space and breathing. A 15-minute workout segment leads the mover through these 13 sequences at a faster pace. Included in the package as a bonus is a .pdf of Arna Selznick’s drawings for 3-D Back Stretch in a chair. The DVD is packaged for mailing in a vinyl clamshell envelope providing protection for the disc with economy of space.

Order your copy now. $29.95 as a three-DVD bundle, or stream it and watch online!


A viewer comments on The Chair Edition:
“It is you Dianne–clear, gentle, encouraging and possible.
If I were just beginning to use 3-D I believe I’d be inspired to try the Chair Edition, unlike some movement DVDs . . .  I feel as though you are actually paying attention to how my body might be feeling, how I might be moving.
I don’t have that feeling as I might with say, some yoga DVDs: ” Really? You want me to do what?!”
The music is a background and not intrusive nor is it simpering the way some can be.
I especially like the cleanness of the background, the chair, the table, the hardwood floor, the walls–all give a sense of clarity and in some ways almost a metaphor for  returning to the  balance and clarity of our own bodies” (ML).

BMCA Conference presentation
Dianne presented the workshop “Harmonious chair exercises for somatic fitness” at the 29th Annual U.S. Body-Mind Centering® Association Conference, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, New York, June 27 to 29, 2014.







Sitting too much?

There’s more in the news about the health effects of too much sitting. One researcher was fitted with an accelerometer that monitored not only her movement but the speed of that movement (CBC Quirks and Quarks, 22 March 2014) throughout a 24-hour period. The bottom line: the body needs variety.

Not news to most of us. The theme of variety in movement is everywhere in Bartenieff’s writing and teaching. Lack of variety in movement, she tells us, is the cause of much of the body’s ailments. Add variety to your movement by standing at your computer, exercising on your feet and adding the spatial, harmonious program of 3-D Workout to your day.

Dianne at LIMS in New York City
On January, Dianne will teach a lecture/workshop  on 3-D Workout at Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies, Brooklyn, NY. Guests are welcome to join CMAs-in-training to learn more about how 3-D Workout applies Bartenieff/Laban work to fitness. Please call (212) 643-8888 for times and location.