Sustainable fitness

Fitness you can count on to keep you interested and connected to your body. Most mechanical programs loose their luster after a while because they are boring and tiresome. 3-D Workout sustains your interest because we are moving with an awareness of space, breath and the surface as well as the body itself. Where your body is moving, how you initiate that movement, how you support it with breathing and how you use your weight for good grounding–it’s a huge body of awareness you won’t learn anywhere else. This makes my approach different from other exercise programs.

Body movement sustains us as nothing else can. Moving restores and maintains the body, that’s no revelation, but it’s the choice that counts. You need something you can stay with to help you move well, feel better and keep on moving for your whole life. It’s more than biomechanically correct, although it’s that, too. It actually sustains your basic patterns of body organization that got you up onto two feet in the first place. Look around and watch people who shuffle along, bent over, sinking into their feet–going south. This is all preventable when you learn to use your body properly with 3-D Workout. Use it properly so you don’t lose it.

An Introduction to 3-D Workout class is available, or a series of classes, as are the 3-D Workout DVDs for you to use at home.