Dianne teaches new course to fitness professionals

Dianne has just taught the very first edition of a new course on posture to a group of fitness professionals. These students had minor postural faults as we could see by a pre-test using a plumb-line analysis. In the general population, however, 95% of individuals have some degree of the classic slumped posture: forward head, rounded shoulders and back. We are indeed homo sedentarians. The students learned that correcting posture is not just a matter of will power, but of changing the muscle imbalance that creates the posture.

The course is a mixture of theory and practice covering muscles in relation to one another, muscle tightness and weakness patterns, stretches and movement sequences to activate the right parts of the body so that posture improves from within. We ended with a post-test of each student that showed the most interesting changes. Not only were their bodies well-aligned, but they were comfortable and relaxed in simply standing and being in their bodies. This new-found ease was evident both in the observers and the subjects themselves.
These professionals left with new skills and a new awareness of themselves and how to work with their clients. In a future edition of this course, I would offer it in two days—one day to teach the professionals and another day to work with volunteers from the public.

In case you’re wondering, there’s a Lower-Crossed Syndrome as well. Are you “double crossed” in your posture?

If you would like to host this course or attend one at Body-in-Motion, please contact the studio.