Back pain, your pelvis, and Hip Rolls™

While watching my video, Lateral Leg Raises for Hip Function, you may be asking What does rolling around on the floor have to do with my back? And why should I do a lateral leg raise anyway? The answer: Because one of the many benefits of a proper side leg raise is a healthy, pain-free back.

Our bodies are uniquely organized with an upright pelvis to keep us on two feet. The pelvis forms a bridge between the torso and the legs. It’s also a bracket from which the legs hang straight and true, away from the body’s centre line so we can walk without tripping over our own feet. The pelvis also distributes the weight of the upper body downward into the floor. When you’ve learned to balance the strain of weight-bearing and maintain a level pelvis as you walk, you protect your spine and the muscles of your back from soreness and stiffness.

Conventional leg raises create unnecessary tension during positioning, loading and lifting. Hip Rolls™ minimize this tension by combining movement elements designed to smoothly roll you into position using proper grounding, alignment, and weight shift. These whole-body actions activate a wide range of muscles and connective tissue, strengthen the gluteals and build whole-body connectedness.

Use my Hip Rolls™ to get you into the right position to enjoy the great sensation that comes with your new side leg raises. Practice about three times a week, alternating sides, for a total of six or eight Hip Rolls™. It takes just five minutes a day to avoid the common back pain and stiffness that may be keeping you from enjoying life. And how about effortlessly rolling over in bed? That’s another Body-in-Motion benefit from Hip Rolls™.