Janda’s Postural Syndromes

Lower-Crossed Syndrome with Dianne Woodruff

Lower-Crossed Syndrome is a faulty postural pattern that starts from the feet and knees and shows up as an excessive lumbar lordosis and weak abdominal wall. The problem cascades into the upper body so that our dynamically self-regulating posture is compromised.

Dr. Janda identified this problem as a series of dysfunctional muscular relationships which, when understood, can be changed and maintained. You will need a working knowledge of human anatomy.

Upper-Crossed Syndrome with Dianne Woodruff

Upper-Crossed Syndrome is that slumped posture of the back/shoulders along with a forward neck and head. Learn how to recognize, assess and treat this wide-spread postural problem identified by the late Dr. Vladimir Janda.

An understanding of this syndrome and how to work with it are excellent tools for solving postural issues in yourself or in your clients. Participants must have a working knowledge of human anatomy.