Anatomy of the Body-in-Motion

This five-module experiential course covers muscles, bones and connective tissue. This is a practical, movement-oriented course using video, full-size study skeleton, movement observation and palpation. Learn and understand how anatomy and body movement work together.

Anatomy of the Body-in-Motion is designed for teachers and aspiring teachers of yoga, personal fitness, pilates and 3-D Workout. Interested individuals are invited to participate as no previous anatomy experience is required.

Students learn to locate and identify the principle muscles, bones and connective tissues and their roles in movement and support. This is an active course using movement demos and exploration, video viewing and palpation. As text we use The Anatomy Coloring Book by W. Kapit and L. Elson, 3rd edition. San Francisco: Benjamin Cummings, 2002. This is an excellent first course; students who have previously studied anatomy may use this course as a review.

“The best anatomy course I’ve ever taken.”
– JS