Learn with us

The back story

Body-in-Motion has always been about helping people move well and feel better. For 22 years that process involved Dianne Woodruff’s hands-on treatment approach Myofascial Integration encompassing hands-on work and integration of tissue change using movement. In 2010 she closed her private practice and lovingly sent her clients to be cared for by other well-qualified practitioners.

What’s happening now?

Today she focuses on her fitness approach, 3-D Workout, in the form of training programs, DVDs, downloads, webinars and YouTube videos. She trains 3-D Workout instructors, writes articles and manuals and develops the 3-D material. Using social media, she creates YouTube videos to support her many instructors and clients around the world; in 2014 she begins a series of webinars. Two of her advanced instructors are currently developing their own train the trainer programs. Michael Gatbonton [e-mail or website URL] and Carrie Lynn Nieves [e-mail or website URL] will soon be offering workshops and trainings in the Toronto area.

Dianne continues to offer workshops and short courses on demand, for example, “Meet your fascia and keep it fit” was offered three times in one year to accommodate high demand. Every workshop has been crafted by Dianne and includes written notes as well as practical, in-class movement exploration. Workshops and course material is inspired by the work of Irmgard Bartenieff, Rudolf Laban and Vladimir Janda and, more recently the fascia research of Dr. Robert Schleip and Thomas Myers.

Offer a workshop in your studio

Body-in-Motion learning experiences are sought by yoga, fitness, pilates, 3-D Workout instructors and personal trainers of all stripes. Learning is available in three-hour workshops or in weekend courses in your own studio. You can offer your studio faculty and clients any of the courses listed in our Learn With Us menu. For example, learn about fascia, Bartenieff Fundamentals, essential movement patterns or postural syndromes. Expand your training and understanding for older clients or ones with particular needs.

Learning in groups is fun and enriching with an experienced master teacher. Contact info@3dworkout.com and plan your professional growth with workshops and courses taught by Dianne Woodruff, PhD, Certified Movement Analyst or another certified professional trainer.