Variation #3: Repurposing Oblique Crunches

Teaching and Learning Cross-Body Wrap
My goal with these words is to support personal trainers and 3-D Workout™ instructors as they build their knowledge and confidence for teaching the movement. There is lots to learn in a movement moment. Let me take you by the hand and help you explore this 3-D Workout™ somatic fitness experience of Cross-Body Wrap.

Benefits of Cross-Body Wrap

EXPERIENCE and enjoy the mastery of a whole-body spiral exercise that rolls around the body’s vertical axis
BUILD coordination of limbs and torso using contralaterality and visual focus
COORDINATE the whole with systematic practice in limb/torso organization
DEVELOP functional movement patterns of hip and shoulder joint
HYDRATE the fascial matrix throughout the whole body by moving in space
IMPROVE your weight shift and spatial reach as you roll
ENGAGE the muscles and fascia of the torso in upper/lower spiral
MOBILIZE rotation in the spine as you move through each phrase

Practice Tips

PRACTICE upper- and lower-body sequences separately
LEGS: keep knee straight as you roll the whole leg; anchor the opposite heel into the floor
ARMS: lift and lead with the elbow dragging fingertips on the floor
CROSSOVER: keep crossover leg low toward the floor
EXHALE to fold across the mid-line and into the crossover phase
INHALE to circle the arm and roll onto your side
FOCUS: watching your hand through the arm circle leads the turn of your head which leads the roll of the whole body onto your side; where your eye/head goes, the body goes.
KICK-STAND HAND™ grounds you for balance in side-lying; keep feet wide at the end of the roll to stabilize the rolling body.

Movement Ideas

PHRASING: Cross-Body Wrap is made up of three phrases—folding, crossover, and rolling
INITIATION: is about what body part starts the movement—it’s the key to good follow-through.
ANCHORING: uses one part of the body to support movement in another part, e.g., heel anchor in 1st and 2nd part of Cross-Body Wrap
BREATHING helps whole-body connectivity by getting you out of your own way
BRAIN PLASTICITY improves when you cross the mid-line; movement trains the brain.

Our four-footed friends naturally do their own Cross-Body Wrap to stretch and move three-dimensionally. Here’s a cat version of the crossover phrase.

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