Moving in three dimensions: Part IV

Triple Arm Circle Combination

Welcome to the fourth video in our series, Moving in Three Dimensions. Now you can put all three arm circles together in one whole-body combination. Challenge yourself to continuously move from one plane to another, shifting your weight fully to expand your range of motion and reach space. This mindful, harmonious sequence feels good because you extend your arms into all the space around the body as well as using your balance and strength. All 3-D Workout exercises are designed to mobilize your body in space—the way you were meant to move for a lifetime.

Here’s what to expect from this transformative exercise:

• trains you to move systematically through space
• delivers functional mobility of shoulder and hip joints
• avoids overuse by changing planes within the combination
• conditions your muscles with variety of movement rather than overload
• stimulates the brain/body connection
• raises your body/space awareness
• complements your conventional fitness program

Learning tips:

Try practicing each plane separately and then put them together in a continuous sequence.

Learn the sequence without weights and add them when you’re ready.

Practice with a partner and watch each other.

Anticipate the weight shift change between horizontal and sagittal arm circles.

Set a comfortable pace and rest by changing sides.

Watch your hand and don’t forget to breathe.