Moving in three dimensions: Part III

Vertical Plane Arm Circle

Welcome to Part 3 of our series, Moving in Three Dimensions, the Vertical (Frontal) Plane—another whole-body exercise using the space around your body to improve function. When you move in the vertical plane, you mobilize the shoulder and hip joints with a big arm circle that travels in front of the body, overhead and out to the sides as the weight shifts into a sideward lunge. In 3-D Workout, we load the muscles with light weights through a big range of motion that includes the deep rotators of the shoulder and hip joints.

This transformative exercise offers many BENEFITS:

• improves your sideward weight shift, balance and stability
• extends your shoulder range of motion into the overhead space
• mobilizes the deep rotators of your shoulder joint
• loads the muscles and fascia continuously for improved strength
• enhances the “conversation” between the two sides of your brain
• improves your eye-hand coordination

Learning tips:

Try practicing the upper and lower body movements separately and then put them together. Learn the sequence with a partner and watch each other.

Here are some things to work on:
Lead with the palm downward and across the front of the body and gradually rotate the hand over the top of the circle. Watch your hand throughout the movement. As you lunge, keep your knee over your toe and feel your weight into the floor.

Enjoy the process of the movement by slowing down, breathing and noticing the sensation of filling the vertical plane with movement to the sides and overhead.