Moving in Three Dimensions: Part II

Horizontal Plane Arm Circle

Welcome to Part 2 of our series, Moving in Three Dimensions, the Horizontal Plane–helping you learn to exercise in the space around your body. In Moving in Three Dimensions, part 2, you will mobilize the shoulder, spine and hip joints with a sweeping, horizontal movement that develops into an elegant spiraling lunge. In 3-D Workout, this movement is called Midline Cross.

The many BENEFITS of this transformative exercise:

• improves posture by expanding the fascia of chest and back
• improves your sideward balance and stability
• extends your shoulder range of motion into the horizontal back space
• mobilizes the rotary aspect of your spine and hip joints
• loads the musculature continuously for improved strength
• trains your sideward weight shift with a spiraling lunge

Learning tips:

Try practicing the upper and lower body movements separately and then put them together. Learn the sequence with a partner and watch each other.

Here are some things to notice:
Watch for the tendency to rotate the upper body too soon. Let the hand/arm lead the sweep until you feel the pull of the fascia across the chest. Get your weight fully over your foot in the lunge so the other foot can pivot as you turn the body. When the pivot foot becomes the “back” foot, you can shift it a little out to the side of the body. This will take the “tight rope” feeling out of your stance and make balancing easier.

Enjoy the process of the movement by slowing down, noticing the sensation of opening the chest, rotating the spine and the expanding space.