Moving in Three Dimensions: Part I

Sagittal Arm Circle

Welcome to part 1 of our series. This video shows an arm circle in the plane that moves like a wheel at the side of the body. Leading with your hand, it travels forward, upward, backward, downward. As you move gently through this space, rotating your hand (and by extension, your shoulder) you will also shift your weight forward and backward.

Practice of this whole-body arm circle has many benefits

• improves posture by expanding the fascia of chest and back
• improves your balance and stability
• extends your range of motion into the space behind the body
• mobilizes the rotary aspect of your spine and shoulder
• loads the musculature continuously for improved strength
• improves your eye-hand coordination

Learning tips:

Try practicing the upper and lower body movements separately and then put them together. You can also practice sitting on a chair to feel the twist of upper against lower body. Learn the sequence with a partner and watch each other. Here are some things to notice: Turn your hand gradually over the top of the circle rather than “flipping” it. Let the hand lead the arc and feel the pull of the fascia across the chest.

Enjoy the process of the movement by slowing down so you can watch your hand through the whole circle. Notice the sensation of reaching into the space behind the body but don’t force the movement.