3-D Workout™ Chronology

Sometimes when you’re busy making history you forget to record it. What follows is a chronology of the development and growth of 3-D Workout, from 1983-2017 (some dates are approximate).

1983 – 2001 initial development period for 3-D Workout™ as inspired by Irmgard Bartenieff and Rudolf Laban
1989 3-D Workout™ presented in public workshops, Greater Toronto Area
2001 first video of 3-D Workout™, v. I: the Basics, released on VHS
2005 v. l released on DVD
2006 Level I instructor* certification course in Canada, Oakville, ON
2006 v. II DVD, 3-D Workout™, Building on the Basics released on DVD
2008 Level II instructor certification course in Canada, Oakville, ON
2010 Level I instructor training in Italy
2012 digital downloads of vols. I and II released.
2012 Level I instructor training in USA (NYC)
2013 “Moving in Three Dimensions” (four YouTube video segments)
2014 3-D Workout™: the Chair Edition released on DVD and download
2014 Level I and II instructor training in Canada (Cobourg, ON)
2014-2016 seven webinars, October 2014—December 2016
2017 Variations on Six Conventional Exercises (six YouTube segments)
2017 Level I instructor training by 3-D ProTrainer, Carrie Lynn Nieves, Toronto

* to date there are 39 instructors, 11 of whom hold both levels of certification